" We hear the crash of the wheels of Circumstance, and wonder at the hidden cause of things."
- Sri Aurobindo


Relieve Your Emotional Distress Through Therapy

Are you uncomfortable in social situations or experiencing conflict in important relationships? Do you struggle with unwanted habits? My practice is dedicated to assisting you in resolving emotional and behavioral issues that interfere with optimal functioning. By acquiring tools to help manage your moods and feelings, you can loosen compulsive patterns and achieve greater self-acceptance. I work collaboratively with my clients and strive to develop a partnership that begins with listening.


Primarily, I provide in-depth psychotherapy for individuals. I also offer marital counseling and couples therapy to defuse conflicts and to reinvigorate relationships; addiction treatment and addiction recovery (12-Step compatible);  social anxiety treatment to normalize shyness, introversion, and high sensitivity; healing for transgenerational trauma and self-care strategies for navigating relationships.

I wrote my doctoral dissertation, "Standing With Shyness," to adjust and normalize the perception of shyness and introversion in order to deeply respect the natural temperament of each individual. I have taught graduate level "Substance Abuse Diagnosis and Treatment" and am trained in hypnosis and Gestalt therapy, which I find particularly helpful in working with clients.